Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So now...I'm making my own babyfood

One year ago I never thought I would be doing this. I stood in front of my blender (rarely used) in my old brown distressed jeans, gray hoodie and funky reading glasses (normal me clothes) staring at a counter covered with organic avacados, yellow squash and banannas..going, What the Heck. Who am I.

= ????????????????????????????

Well Elijah started solids two weeks ago. Not only a huge change for him, but I was actually extremely extremely excited about it. Every new stage is like an adventure and like getting a fun new toy. (For him TOO, of course. He squeals with excitement when he sees his spoon.)We started on organic rice cereal (Earth's Best) and now it's time to start food-food. I read the books (again, all conflicting....I wish I could take Dr. Sears, Dr. Dobson, Dr. Ezzo, the Happiest Dr. on the  Block and all the authors of baby food books, put them in a cage watch them fight to the death. Or until there was a sole survivor who would then tell me what the heck to do). ANyway--I did my two weeks of organic rice cereal and now I've moved onto solids. There was some controversy over the yellow squash being the first food, and I've read not to do anything sweet for the first month, so I went with what a true mexican would choose. GUAC. My fave. Which is why I was flabergasted when Elijah hated it. I still cry when I think about it sometimes...

SO I have a new weekly routine. It's not what I ever imagined enjoying, but strangely I do love the productivity involved :) Sunday nights I go to Sprouts (amazing store btw, great prices on organic&regular veggies, farmer's market stuff too) then I come home and lay out all the fruit/veggies for rippening (I put avacados in brown bag, nannas in plastic bag, etc). By Tuesday or Wed (depending) I chop, steam and blender the food and add a couple oz's of formula.  (I add rice cereal to avacado since Elijah isn't the biggest fan). Then I immediately pour the concotion into ice trays, cover, let them sit for the night and the next morning I empty the trays into labled food storage bags. Voila! It's been pretty easy. There is some strange accomplished feeling that comes with each new task you conquer. It's empowering. Hm. Anyway, that's me.

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