Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joint Compound: Transforming Nastiness

Dear Joint Compound,
About six months ago, my MIL introduced me to you. Not exactly the home-builder-y, heidi the-tool-man-assistant kind of girl, I had no idea what you were. Little did I know you would transform my life--er, bathroom (and kitchen, and half-bath and guest-bath) forever. Love you
Hugs, Thanks, and Gig 'em,

Clueless Mom

My new bathroom:

Some other examples:

 (this texture was done with butterknives!)
 (the color of our baby room)
All it takes is one day, two (cheap) purchases, and paint.

Adds texture to any wall, or pic frame or art project and makes it look amaaaazing. (I am an Anti-Matchy-Matchy when it comes to decor) Or, as in my case-JC gets rid of nasty 80s-looking wallpaper.

All you need:
(and--of course--it's super cheap, like $13 for the whole tub which should do a whole bathroom (my bathroom is fairly large. A tub and a half for a room, pending)
(Could substitute with another tool that gives cool texture, but the texturing really needs to be consistent so it doesn't look janky).
3) Boring or ugly room
(the second one makes me want to poke out my retinas, please)

All you do:
1) If you're not sealing in wallpaper, put the JC in a trough or container and mix it with a little water to get it creamy.

**Note Regarding the Wallpaper Scenario: I am personally not completely anti-wallpaper. It's actually coming back in and a lot of designers are using it now. (moderation is the key word...) My wallpaper...was def. not designer caliber****

2) Go to town. Start making a pattern on the wall, it does help if the pattern is somewhat consistent but it doesn't have to be. (I find retexturing really therapeutic and a creative outlet)

3) Paint over with the glorious color of your choice!

easy peasy. 
It takes about a day to finish. (apply, wait a day for it to dry, then painting).
((if you are going over wall paper, you will need an oil-based primer before adding texture and to seal it with water based primer, THEN you paint. Still takes about a day maybe two.))

My Bathroom Before: (insert gagging-noises here)(we tried to peel off the wallpaper before we discovered JC)

80s wallpaper on crack, yes I know
And after: 

And yes, we're planning on keeping the brass. My inspiration for this room is 1930s hollywood, so I'm going to look for antiqued brass fixtures, and the colors will be light pink (curtains are light pink silk, which we got for free:) and brown with powder blue accents. Crystal chandelier EVENtually--will find one on craigslist & refurbish

We also textured the guest bathroom:
Wish I had before and after of our kitchen because it was even more transformational.  
There you have it. 
My bathroom no longer feels like

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