Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Farther Along"

one of those days where I'm trying to understand why people I love have to go through hard things.

Sometimes I guess you have to be okay with not knowing. Not understanding. In times like these, I find music answers the soul...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I haven't been posting much lately because I've been

A lot of change going on this month! Like

1) Baby bear is becoming less and less, well, a baby (he's started talking--and we're thinking about potty training ((we just bought his first potty!))

Not to mention 8 molars the past couple weeks! (I will probably crash next don't expect to see any makeup or straight basically I'll look how I always do...)

2) I started training to become a personal trainer. Which I absolutely am loving! But, it has been somewhat difficult squeezing it in. (as I have no set schedule, making it hard to plan everything...that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes I guess)

3) Justin is training for his 90mi Livestrong Challenge which is in a couple weeks! (which means finding time for four hour rides once a week and a couple hours two other mornings a week)

4) I started taking my spiritual life seriously post-baby. (I joined BSF, and am now in the Word daily...awesome! The homework is more time consuming than I remember bible studies being though! But I love my group and am already more conscious of God's presence throughout the day)

Overall...great changes! Just me and Justin are more squeezed for time with each other, and a little low on the energy. But thankfully I'm completely recovered from my injury, and running again! (Thinking about a dualthlon in Nov, and the 5k livestrong challenge in a couple weeks--I'm bringing Elijah along for the run!)  So that is helping with stress--not bad stress, just busy-stress--and providing me with more energy.

Hopefully post more soon!

clueless mom: saving moola

found this on pinterest and thought I would share

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