Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elijah's Cookie Monster 2nd Birthday

Of course I love birthdays. Growing up, birthdays were a big deal. As in, from the minute you wake up until you go to bed, it is YOUR day. Maybe that's why I love doing Ebear's birthdays so much? For his second birthday, I wanted it to be about him and all the things he loves.

Last year, we did more of a 'big deal' birthday. There were hamburgers, homemade sides, desserts, 45 of our best friends and family. We decided this year (though we still had about 40people) we were doing more low key. I wanted this year to be all about my big kid:) His favorite song is the "Cookie Monster" song (C is for cookie...he does a cute little monster voice impersonation when he sings it) and okay I can't lie....the way he says "Cookie-mos-ster?" is my I kind of encouraged the Cookie Monster theme just so I could hear him say it over and over.

So despite Cookie Monster's recent expulsion by the HealthNut community (which I'm usually a part of), I simply could not deny this face

But before the party started (since I wanted him to have fun alllll day long) Daddy took birthday boy to the firehouse for a tour

Believe me. It rocked. His. Whole. World.

For the party, I sent out "Cookie Monster" invites so the kids could have a little fun opening mail. (super easy, and for the inside I just made cardstock invites with half-eaten cut-out cookies glued around the words)

I  ended up using mostly decor I had made for last year (but adding "cookie monster" eyes and mouths) and since it was after all, a cookie monster party, mostly desserts were served which--I'm not going to lie--made me preeettty happy

(I always hang up pictures of my boo-bear around the house for his a reminder to me of all I have to be grateful for---his birthday is, after all a celebration for me (not of me) too)

The infamous birthday wreath! Is there anyone who hasn't made this wreath this year? Haha. I've loved seeing it on pintrest so much regardless, so I wanted to have one we could reuse for the boys' birthdays.

Favors (took 4 seconds to hot-glue googly eyes, $1 visors from Hobby Lobby)

The food--be still my heart

homemade brown sugar cookies

A simple sugar cookie (cut toddler-sized) with blue-sprinkled frosting (a big hit)

Home made chocolate chip cookies, with the broken ones designated for dunking:) (waste not)

Next to the cookies I got to use this pinterest idea I've been dying to use, only I filled mine with whole milk so guests could dunk their cookies in their glasses

My sad little picture of the cupcakes. Isn't it pathetic folks.  I forgot to take pictures during the party and of course we we didn't have leftovers. I made strawberry cupcakes (with fresh strawberry chunks), topped them with blue icing, dipped them in blue coconut (just used blue dye), and used vanilla chips and oreo for the face. Easy peasy.

Cheesecake pudding with 'Cookie Crisp' cereal.

(blue jello with gummy bears@the bottom, had to include a little 'bear' theme somewhere)

We also just made some simple turkey dogs with chilli, then my MIL's famous mac&cheese, salad, and chips with dip options. (also some different breads with whipped cream, because again, selfishly I wanted the leftovers)

The highlight for us was perhaps the creepily-large Cookie Monster Pinata (bigger, than the birthday boy I might add)

However, our lack of pinata-expertise quickly manifested as time continued to pass...and the thing wouldn't rip

Apparently, nowadays pinatas are made with metal wiring inside. What the what? Designed for children? I guess not. Someone didn't mind though.

All in a day's work for dad.
Thanks to all who came and made the day so special for us!

We had a lot of fun!
(all of us)