Thursday, March 31, 2011

marathon training: did i make a mistake???

Okay before I gripe, I will list the things I love about running.

A) It's efficient. Short amount of time, and I'm giving my heart a great exercise.
B) No gym membership, no driving somewhere, time efficient, wallet-efficient.
C) It feels awesome.
D) It is worship. For me, starting at 2-3 weeks postpartum, it is a way I physically thank God for my health. Hard to explain.
E) It's can be *good for your joints, and good for your heart. (See articles I linked to previous post)

But, I will say, I'm not gaining muscle. After running a certain mileage (which really isn't very high), your body gets so used to it, it stops being a way to lose weight/build cardio. (Look in any running journal to find the scientific mumbojumbo, I don't have the energy to link right now). So, it's probably not something you do to lose weight or get in great shape.

But, it's something I do because I *love.

Up until my 16mi run, it gave me energy, endurance for my day, and a time to focus on God.

My muscles and joints feel awesome. Doing taxes on the computer hurt my joints worse than 20miles. A little tight 3rd day, but no pain.

But, I. Am. Exhausted.

...I basically use every ounce of energy in my day to spend time with my baby and teach him things. Which, let's be honest is more important than spring cleaning.

Everything else: Gone To Pot.

What's funny, is I am just running ONE time a week, but I am drained all week from my one long run.

That being said...... I'm not training the way a runner should be training for a marathon. I'm eating fast-food and PBJ's and pizza. I'm running one time per week instead of three, and I'm doing no muscle-building. And I really feel that that is the reason I'm wiped.

But, I am training the *best I can while being a mom (minus the poor diet, that's just bad habit), while putting my baby first and my husband first. (Which is why, they say being a stay-at-home mom is a full time job..if it's really your priority, it IS a full time job!)

What I wasn't expecting was that being a mom is incredibly and unexpectedly draining physically, emotionally, spiritually.

And, I'm glad I'm not training for the whole 4-6month period that most runners train, because that would be a long amount of time to train for ONE short event.

So, what has training looked like for me?
Three weeks ago, I ran 16;  Lots of hills, but nothing to report except hamstring soreness that lasted 4 days.

The week after, I ran 18.9.  The hardest run by far. It was 82 that day, I ate three Goo in the first half hour (stupid, stupid mistake) and my legs felt like ten million pounds. Awful day.

This week, I ran 20.8. I felt really good afterwards, definitely had another 2 miles in me, no complaints. Okay I'll find one. It's hard to 'stay off your legs' when you have a 10month old. I think that's why I can't recover quick enough energy-wise to run during the week.

This week: Exhausted. I am literally having to push myself to get laundry done, to take Elijah out, to go to Target and I LOVE Target. I still love running?
Yes, please!
Will I ever run another 26.2 mile-marathon?
Not while there is a baby in the house!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my crazy life in a minute update

The past 2-3 weeks have been kinda strange.
1) Ran my second half marathon (and beat my old time, making it in 1hr40, a personal goal)
2)I decided to run my first full marathon (which takes place in a couple weeks!)
3) I started selling my crafts, for the first time.
4) Auditioned and got a call back for a reality TV show.
5) Did our taxes

That's why I haven't posted in awhile.

On #1) :

Hills of San Marcos. 13.1. "Rolling" hills my HINEY. Friggin EKG. We were literally running next to cows, chickens, and barns. I laughed out loud a few times in spite of Texas.

#2) Yes, I know it's crazy. After my San Marcos run, I started thinking...I *never* thought I'd be able to run a half so soon. And yet, God gave me the strength and it is such a cool feeling to say YES to myself instead of a BUT, I CAN'T. So, I thought, why not a full 26.2? So I'm doing it

a) Because my baby will never be this low maintenance again. I'll never just have *one* baby again, and as they get older, it gets harder to slip away

b) I'm so close in training (at the point in which I write, I ran one 18.9mi run last week and ran a 20.8 mile run Sunday...I won't go through this again)

c) Marathons DON'T necessarily kill the knees or produce heart attacks. (Here's why ) (And here's why)

c) I've had a couple of people tell me I can't

d) Because I CAN (if it's God's will)

On #3)---It was an accident, really.

I thought, I use my Heating/Cooling ice pack on my sore muscles after every run, and me and Justin are always fighting for his. So, why couldn't every runner use these eco-friendly, machine-washable, multi-purpose packs? Beats using those gross gel cooling packs that get grimey and could be ingested by my baby! So, I called up local running stores/chiropracters, and they ordered some! Score!
(I also sell them on etsy at: my temporary etsy site    but, if anyone ever wants one pls don't waste $ on shipping and just ask me!

4) The reality show..... I auditioned for this show, because they were going to pay me to travel to Dubai which sounds pretty awesome to a SAHM, let's be honest. (Even though I've never left baby for longer than a day and that in and of itself was torture). I got a call back a month later, "Oh we're really interested in you", yadda yadda. I go to the second call back and I'm in a waiting room full of Reese Witherspoons wearing low-cut shirts, tight jeans, and heels. They are all holding their headshots and name-dropping. I am wearing an Old Navy tank top, shorts, and flats and I'm sporting, of course, my diaper bag. (Because, who has time to switch stuff from diaper bag to cute purse? Not this girl). The audition itself was less intimidating, but I doubt I will be getting a call back!

5) Lame, lame lame.

Next week, I my goals are to sit at home, watch Wendy Williams, and read some People, let the dishes pile high, eat some more Krispy Kremes, and slack-off to recover from the atypical madness that has comprised my every second the past weeks....wish me luck

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Dedication

A few weeks ago, we had our baby dedication at our house. It was a super special time for our family, as we believe that prayer is effective for the righteous man, and we are made righteous in Christ! I have been writing prayers for my son since I was pregnant and putting them in his baby book. (I want him to see, when we see them answered in the future, evidence of Christ throughout his life). So this dedication was for us, a physical celebration of the prayers we have prayed for him already, and the ones we will pray throughout his life. Our biggest prayer is that he knows Christ as his savior one day. (we believe that will be Elijah's choice, not ours)

 *Elijah's Baby book:)

So, we decided to have a dedication and have all our family and friends who had been in our small groups in the past come over and pray over baby with us. We might have done this through a church ceremony, but we adopted the practice of a church we highly respect in theology ( Matt Chandler's Church, The Village in Dallas) ((we often listen to Matt Chandler's sermons online)). They always do home dedications because they believe the ceremony should be personal and meaningful, where people who will be involved in the baby's life can pray over the baby, since people closest to you are your church.

So, Justin's dad presided over the short ceremony. He gave a short 'sermon' describing 1Samuel 1:27&28 (our dedication verse for Elijah) and also talking about how me and Justin met (and I thought he was a scary puppy-eater;) and how God had plans for Elijah even before me and Justin knew we were meant for each other. Then he asked our family and friends to vow to honor the Word of God and passed out cute cards with our family picture on it:) It was a truly special time.

 (My aunt made the cake from scratch using all organic ingredients--it was raspberry creme &chocolate walnut & very delicious! ((She just started a cake business in Austin, please, me know if you're interested!!))
(Spray-painted branches white then hung Elijah's pictures on them--they will double as decor for his birthday party as well :)
 (As favors I made homemade sugar cross cookies with homemade lemon icing)

Remembering this occasion makes me grateful today that God gave me my baby--the greatest joy me and Justin have experienced this side of heaven.  Also, I am so grateful that God provided, and I waited to marry a godly man--someone who will point my son to Christ and reminds me of His grace daily and forever.