Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tales from Motherhood: Quotes from a 5&2 year old

Quotes from a 2&5 year old:
Bedtime conversation with his grandma. Elijah's (my oldest) in bed.
Elijah: (Sighs) Isn't Kai so cute.
Mimi: What's so cute about him?
Elijah: His eyes.....they're so cute.
<3 <3  <3 <3 
Kai's tantrums have seriously decreased over the past 5 months (after tons of discipline). But, the little snickerdoodle used to have them ALL THE TIME. One time, when I told him no, he collapsed his body on the ground, his caveman body really, and he had thrown two already that day so I sat down and pretended to cry (I'm sure I really wanted to though). (Normally he gets a spanking). He immediately looks up from his fake-crying. Sits up. Stomps over to me. He pats his caveman hands very UNgently on my head and keeps patting.
#whatitfeelsliketobecomfortedbya caveman
Elijah looking at my pregnant belly.
Elijah: Your belly is BIG.
Me; Thanks, Elijah.
Elijah: The baby is then probably.....a HUNDRED days old already.
Me: Feels like it.
Elijah: Is the baby going to be older than you when she come out? A hundred years old????(Starts laughing, cracking himself up. The laughter gets louder, he's on his side, he's crying).....(deep breath) Probably..... ((keeps laughing))
When my children eat their vegetables.
Elijah: Okay, here I go, Kai. (Tilts head back, stuffs his mouth, chews twice wincing in pain, then swallows hard.) Your turn.
Kai: (Gets tiniest of tiny piece of broccoli, puts in mouth, winces in pain, eyes squinting, swallows hard) Your turn!
Good think I don't take it personally. #thickskin #motherofboys #itslikewatchingsororitygirlstakeshots
Kai: Mommy wook! (look)
I look up, and he's made an "I love you" sign with his hands like the sign language we've been learning.
Me: Oh, Kai, you're so sweet, I love you SO much!
Kai: Smiling, keeps making the sign.
Me: Do you know what your hands mean?
Kai: Spiderman! (makes web shooting noises)
Elijah is 5 now and rarely naps. But after a few days of not napping and a lot of activity, he gets REAL tired. One day, he stumbles in the room during nap time.
Elijah: (Stumbling) HEY.....HEY YOu....,mmmmmommy
Me: Yes, Elijah (thinking he sounds just like a drunk)
Elijah: HEY....I got...(slurring) I got something to say to YOU! Hey LISTEN YOU! (Starts laughing at nothing)

I walk into kitchen casually one morning, and see both boys leaning on kitchen table. I walk closer for a better view, and Elijah is dipping Kai’s hand in salt and licking it. I wrote it down because I thought it was such a typical boys thing to witness, and then I’m pretty sure I walked away and got some chores done.
#beggarscantbechoosers #pickyourbattles
Kai has been just a little "behind" verbally since he had so many ear issues. There are some phrases he never quite learned, or mixed up a bit. The one that is my favorite is whenever he wants you to pick him up, he says "Can I hol you?" (Can I hold you). I love it. I know I need to teach him to ask "Can YOU hold ME", but it's just so cute to see his little round face asking if he can hold me. Yes, Kai, you can always hold me ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers


It's over.

Now what?

Thank you God for technology (as in I am literally thanking God for technology)

42 Turkey Leftover Ideas  ----and good ones too, I might add (that Apple Brie& Turkey Sammich? Please....thank you...)

Because I'm not one of these........

Tonight I subbed my normal sausage/bacon WITH turkey/spinach/zucchini in an easy breazy QUICHE for my picky little turkeys. (it's all about sneaking the vegtables in any and every way I can)

Happy Post Thanksgiving Week People. You MADE it!! Make the first couple weeks of Dec easy on yourself. You'll need the energy ;)

(No children were harmed in the taking of this picture. Nope. Not this time. ;) )

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elijah's Super Hero Birthday

ANd  so it begins.


I feel like initiation into the world of being a "Mom of Boys" does not officially begin until your child begins their descent into the all-encompassing, all-consuming, never-ending retina-bleeding world of Super Heroes!!! (Does the Super Hero phase ever end?)

(These pics are not Justin, but taken from dad's from alllll over)

ANYWHO, Elijah asked for a SUPER hero birthday, and being that my husband is the comic-book nerd that he is (or was before he married me, whoops), we went all. out.

I made capes for the kids who came

AND masks! (sparkled-red spiderman for the 2 little girls who came)
(here's the link for the mask template FYI)

Meanwhile, my husband planned the ultimate three-stage obstacle course for the children
(They had to complete all three "Levels" of "Super Hero Training" in order to earn their capes (they earned after Level One), Masks (they earned after completing Level Two) and Medallion (after Level Three)
First Level of Super Hero school:

Second Level: (we had a stuffed cat tied to a rope like a pinata, the kids had to "rescue" the cat by jumping on the trampoline and 'catching'/saving the cat) then go through the cardboard box tunnel

Then the kids had to go "through" the spiderweb maze (string Justin strung up between two cars)

And they had to get to the Spiderman pinata through a couple obstacles and hit the "impostor" spiderman a few times. 

Both our sons loved it.
(My youngest son in the red cape in the front, Elijah dressed as Batman)

And we hope we passed our own initiation into the world of Raising Boys.
Cheers to the next 14plus years of Boyhood.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

So it's been 2 years…..


Anyone remember this old girl? Been quiiiiite awhile. 2 years and 2 months to be exact…..but I'm back!!
Truth is--adjusting from ONE to TWO children was more than I bargained for;) ((In the sweetest way of course!) and in the midst of a more-active-than-the-first second-child, I have NOT had time to blog in the past couple years!! But they have been eventful!

Been an eventful two years! Filled with post-partum depression, finding 'relief' through triathlon-training, months of no date or movie nights (we live for movies), the terror of having your Perfect Second Child turn into a Crying Tantrum Machine starting at his first birthday(and still going on that one), the exhaustion of being a 24hour Referee of a never-ending indoor rugby game with snotty short people,  and filled with daddy-son tickle fights as we get to experience the maturation of our youngest's giggle as he went from Baby Blob Soft Giggle, to Talking Baby Solid Giggle, to Hearty all out Mouth Open Wide, Head Flung Back Toddler-giggle. To having now, TWO "Angry Elfs" around dinner time (I lovingly say to my children "Oh He's an Angry Elf" when there's crankiness/sass....they will probably develop a Christmas-movie Complex). To crying with my husband, yelling at my husband, laughing with utter perfect delight with my husband over our, now two, children. To the joys of seeing sibling love blossom into my greatest accomplishment.

There are days I wake up and just think....Am I really old enough to be doing this?! Is this some kind of mistake? Me? Responsible for keeping not only plants but real people alive?

The adventure continues.

Missed ya'll. Hope 2012-2014 was filled with lots of love for you as well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Commercial

So....we were in a Honda commercial!! Huge thanks to obviously God's sovereignty. Yes that. Also huge thanks to Burton Casting in Austin, TX! Also Thanks to director Frank Todaro with Moxie Pictures. And thanks to my mom, for watching the kids!

The concept is two "hipster" couples leaving 1) ACL and set out on 2)Austin adventures in their new 3) 2014 Honda CRV. All of these things are things that I LOOOOOOVE! (and until the night before filming, the four actors were NOT told it was for Honda, it ended up being a surprise--I DRIVE a CRV heh heh;)

(Justin and his "Stunt Double". I can't get enough of this photo--Jeff Schwann did all the driving for the commercial, though Justin did get to drive at the end!)

Elijah's Pirate Birthday

Age 3 was the year Elijah could really and genuinely decide what "kind" of bday party he wanted.
To be honest, I have kindof loved that he has been obsessed with pirates. Pirates have somehow, for some reason become "cute"

 But let's be honest, historically if we are being honest with our kids, pirates were

Luckily, no one in my family has asked for a historically accurate explanation of who or what pirates are, so Pirate Party it is.

We did easy "rainbow" fruit spears (strawberry, melon, pinapple, grapes and blueberries), easy bannana breads with whipped cream, blue jello (with pirate boat toothpicks) & I tried my best at a "skittle cake" which was requested.

 (This "kid" cake kindof felt like one of those "Pinterest Fail" memes you see...I'm  not quite the baker)

But we had fun!
Everyone was given a mustache and encouraged to come dressed

That creepy man would happen to be my husband. My spouse. The One I Chose. 

The man never broke character. He called it his "Daniel Day Louis" performance, and used a pirate accent the entire wasn't until the end Elijah realized the pirate was his own father ;)

(my life shall never be boring! if you're single, #marryafunnyman , it pays off in the end;) )

We did a Pirate Scavenger Hunt, where the kids had to find the coins in the yard, and were given a toy "treasure chest" with little pirate-themed toys as they completed their hunt. (They had to "walk the plank" to their scavenger hunt)

 All in a day's fun!!

Thanks to all who came!