Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I feel like Bear Grylls...Why I am going green

I feel like going green is more than just being trendy. Or granola. Or Austin-y. Living in this information age makes it easier for me to be indecisive, busy and constantly comparing myself to others. Not to mention mentally, physically and spiritually cluttered. Clutter clutter clutter. Things being more complicated than they need to be. The more I experience (because I'm so old....) the more I see wisdom in simplicity. That's why I want my house to be more green. Because beyond thinking about the earth for our children (though a major impetus toward green living) it's making room for going back to the basics... saving money (so you can save UP money for things that you want, thank you Dave Ramsy), having less stuff you have to keep track of (and thus creating less time to spend holding your baby, asking your husband how his day went, etc...) and, lastly, creating opportunities for good, old-fashioned character-building.

Here are 40 tips for being green (besides just recycling) I read on my new fave blog:

Woman vs Wild...
The one that really caught my attention was the one about the shampoo. Why would anyone stop buying shampoo? Crazy. Granola. But, then I started thinking about my whole going simple soapbox. So I decided to just try it (No coincidence that the same day I had JUST run out of shampoo/conditioner and didn't feel like packing up baby just for shampoo run...). And then I thought, (after reading how it takes awhile for your scalp to get adjusted to the lack of oil-stripping shampoo causes) why not try it longer. The next SEVEN days--me, I am going to wash my hair with the vinegar/baking soda concotions ( I will record how it goes here. I am pulling a modern-day suburban version of Bear Grylls! Next time I am abandoned in the wilderness, I may not eat or know how to find water but at least I will be able to wash my hair. Once I find baking soda somewhere....

I researched online and there are a TON of women out there blogging about doing the same thing! Here are their results:

here we go...
My Vinegar Hair Diary
Day one: 11/10/10--Washed hair with it at night. Not without beaucoup awkwardness. The solution basically had to be poured on my head which is not typical to a normal Herbal Esscence experience. However, once in my scalp, the baking soda felt shockingly refreshing...I blow dried after as normal.

Day two (11/11): My hair is soft. Weird, weird. Since I have super thick, dry hair, I was thinking the lack of lather would be fairly detrimental. Not so.Definitely don't need to wash again day2.

Day three (11/12): Still don't need to wash my hair on day's still clean and not even remotely oily.However, I worked out a lot so I'm going to wash it anyway.

Day four (11/13): I half-blow-dried my hair and half-slept-on-it-wet and this morning it is awesome. I am really loving the vinegar conditioner...I think it's working better than the normal thick goopy stuff I buy. 

Day five (11/14): Didn't wash, it was still good to go. Again, it feels like I just got back from the hairstylist. It does look a little dry, though.

Day six: (11/15): NEEDED TO WASH. Got oily. Was really, really tempted to use shampoo. And I broke down! I failed. What can I say I love the lather and I was worried it would be oily. But I did use the vinegar conditioner.
Day seven:(11/16): It feels like it used to. It doesn't have the 'post-salon' feeling it did with the home-made shampoo. Tomorrow, I will wash it again with home-made to compensate for day six.

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