Sunday, October 12, 2014

Easy Breazy Beautiful Second Birthday; Trucks n' Ducks offense to love of my life, my youngest child Kai. But...with my husbands busy workload and adjusting to coming back from vacations---trying to find a free weekend to celebrate my soon-to-be 2 year old's birthday was getting stressful.

And then you have planning food.

And cleaning.

And baking.

Then cleaning.

And party favors, decor, staying within the budget (Because, I'm just going to level with you people. Birthdays were a big deal in my house growing up. I wish I could just not make a big fuss, but I can't. It's not in my blood).

That being said....this year, I was just NOT physically able to throw a big party for Kai's Second Bday. So what did we do?

On a Wednesday.
I asked my girlfriends, and Kai's best friend, Jamie ((OKAY so Jamie's his ONLY friend #momguilt)) To come over for a playdate. No pressure. Come if You Can. Just Snacks. And Cake.

Purchased at Target.

And the Theme was "Trucks and Ducks"...because they are his two favorite things IN THE WORLD.

It ended up being one of my favorite parties to throw, because I didn't have to do ANYthing!! (except make moms coffee!) And it was a blast!

I made blue jello (back-breaking), bought the cake and snacks from target (doing anything at target kindof like free therapy ((or not so free...)), Filled the back sand box with water and put rubber duckies we had laying around in it.  Then had all the kids try to scoop out a duck with a butterfly net as the "Party Game". 

Easy. Breazy.

But still special.