Friday, October 1, 2010

Quotes from My Children: 4 Year Old Edition

Elijah: “Mommy that dress is beautiful.”
Me: “Thanks, Elijah, it’s my bridesmaids dress for Miss Katie’s wedding. I’m wearing this dress, and you’re wearing your tux… and you’re going to be Katie’s ring bearer!!”
Elijah: Silence.
Sits down on the floor.
Both hands over his face.
Lets out a loud wail.
Fat tears running down his face.
Me: “Elijah, are you okay? What’s wrong?!!!”
Elijah: “I dont wanna marry Katie, mommy…(shakes head) I don’t want to I don’t want to I don’t want to…”
Me: “OH Elijah you don’t have to marry Katie!!! NO, Katie, is marrying Jason. You’re just going to be the ring bearer…..but, who do you want to marry, Elijah?”
Elijah: “I want to marry YOu, mommy”
I die.
At a park in Montana. Open field with trees enclosing the open field.
Me: I have to go potty, Elijah, I’m going to find daddy to stay with you while I go find a potty..
Elijah: OH mommy I know where a potty is. Here I’ll help you. Follow me.
Grabs my hand, and leads me out of the field. Kai trailing behind cautiously like always. Elijah gets behind me, and pushes me from behind, pushing, pushing, until I am facing and about to walk into a tree.
Elijah: Okay, mommy. Go potty.
Me: Stands awkwardly. In front of the tree. “Um, Elijah, this isn’t going to work out the way you’re thinking…”
Elijah: No, it’s okay mommy, I’ll bwock (block) you, and YOU go pee pee. (Kai standing a few feet behind watching)
Me: Elijah, I can’t go potty here….
Elijah: No, it’s okay mommy (pushing my from behind towards the tree again)
Me: Elijah, I’m going to go find somewhere else because I can’t do this.
Elijah: Yes, you can mommy, just go, it’s okay, just go pee pee mommy, you just gotta go
One of my most awkward moments in life perhaps.
Family time in the living room. Playing castles, I take Elijah on one side of the room with a toy castle &Kai on the other side with Justin. They are playing and making noise and laughing. Elijah hands me a knight.
Me: Oh no, the knight is mad at you Elijah.
Elijah: Plays with his men by himself, not responding to me.
Me: What are your guys talking about? Here we should all get in our cars and go somewhere fun.
Elijah: Still playing. Ignoring me.
Elijah: Looks over at Daddy and Kai. “Mommy….you’re just not that fun….I think I’m going to go over to the other castle with daddy…”
Me, by myself with a toy castle.:  Justin, What am I doing wrong here?
Justin: Sympathetic look. “Boys don’t want to play that they’re mad at each other…”
Me: ??? So how do they want to play???
Justin: “Just pretend like you’re having fun….”
I clink the toys around and say loudly in my corner “MY GUYS ARE FIGHTING SO HARD! WOW THEY’RE REALLY ANGRY”
The boys don’t even look up from their castle.
Boys still not looking in my direction.
Maybe one of these days I’ll figure men out…..
Kai is slowly finding his words. Elijah was speaking in sentences at 2, and Kai is just his own person and I love it. He is soft spoken, and talks in a soft quiet voice when he does choose to speak. His favorite word (and my favorite word that he says) is his version of “COME ON”. He uses it a lot, drags a person by the pointer finger, and pulls them to where he wants them in a room and hand them toys, points to food, etc. But instead of “Come”, it’s usually replaced with either “JAM” or “YA”. So what we have is a short chubby toddler pulling us with “JA’ MON, mama….Ja’ mOn…” or my personal favorite since I’m such a micehal jackson fan “YA’Mon, mama, …ya’mon”
We had Eli’s friend over and he was picking on Kai. Just shoving him, pushing him down because he’s small. I was about to intervene, and I hear Elijah pipe in and get in front of him.
Elijah: “Hey. That’s MY brudder and He’s on MY Team…..Team Girdwer….If you want to play with ME you have to play with my BRUDDER”
After Elijah had a great day at school:
Me: I’m SO PROUD of you Elijah!
Elijah: I’m SO…..proud of myself, too.
Lunch at home.
Elijah: (Staring at my plate) Mommy. Why did you put snow on your sa-wed? (salad)
Me: What??
Elijah: Points at the salad. “Snow…der’s snow”

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