Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bear Grylls Project

I have successfully completed two weeks of baking soda/vinegar shampoo/conditioner-ing my hair! (see previous post on going green)
I vote yes, on a mostly consistent basis.(how's that for ambiguity, spoken like a true member of generation y)  
I say it works AMAZING--For thick, dry hair types. (can't say for others...) It made my hair bouncy, shiny and feel lightweight for entire duration.Just like salon-hair. I also felt better about  blow-drying, because I knew my hair wasn't getting fried. 
Hair is on the mildly acidic side of the pH scale and has an ideal pH of 4.5 to 5.5, which is close to that of an apple cider vinegar rinse (pH 2.9). On the other hand, many of the hair care products we use, such as soap-based shampoos, bleaches, hair colors, and permanents are strongly alkaline. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH of your hair and remove the buildup that can result from the use of these styling products and inexpensive shampoos. Rinsing with vinegar will also close the numerous cuticle scales which cover and protect the surface of each hair shaft. This imparts a smoother surface which reflects more light and as a result leaves your hair shinier, smoother and easier to manage.
yadda yadda. 
So, bear grylls project=win. 
I will continue to replenish our supply on a weekly basis. **However, for days with an intense run, or if I go a couple days without shampooing, or go on an intense run, I think I will use normal shampoo, perhaps once every week and a half. Other than that, I'm a convert.

Number one question I get about vinegar hair wash: No, the vinegar does not make my hair smell like vinegar. At all. Maybe a little in the shower, but after that, zero vinegar smell. (actually, since I re-used an old conditioner bottle, my Vinegar Conditioner actually smells like coconut).  (PS, I really do love Pres. Bush..)


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