Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom Essentials and Epic fails...

Short list of things that I find fairly essential for being a mom and things I purchased that were epic fails.....
1)Ten million nipples. Not two, not five, ten million. Each worth every penny and each a valuable member of the team.
So no:

(note the progression in creepiness..the last two, you can't blame them...I'd cry in the same way too)
2)IPhone/ or Phone with good camera capacity. As a mom, I never have a free hand or free sec to go grab a camera, and each moment is PRICELESS. If I didn't have my phone, I wouldn't have countless videos of Eli as a new baby that still bring tears to my eyes..
3)Good slip on shoes. For me, these are danskos. I hate danskos. They are not very cute. But, they are incredibly comfortable and well made, so, they are my personal mom jeans.
4) Kid books with a Christian message.Since most days lately I don't read on my own, they minister to my heart as well as Elijah's. Spoken words are so powerful.
5) Good monitor. Mine isn't pricey, but plays classical music while Elijah goes down, turns itself off, and drowns out any noise but baby cry. It has a sensitivity switch too.
6)Plastic bibs. As Elijah is now eating, these are great. I don't need a ton, just three or four last a long time. 

= Uneccessary. )

7) SweetTulip's diaper wipes case, aka "Mommy Clutch". You can purchase them here:  . It's great because it has a pouch for diapers attached. 

8) PEAPOD!!! This thing=bff. We purchased the phil and ted's travel play pen and I'm not going to lie, I did it because it was cute and a good brand. However, it does NOT stack up to the peapod (which is cheaper) You can take the peapod everywhere/anywhere. Self-inflating mattress, and sleeping bag (if you get the camo color, each color has diff features of course, the cutest color (yellow, in my opinion) does NOT have self-inflating mattress or sleeping bad inside)) UV protected. You can take it outside when you garden, you can take it to grandparents to sleep in as a bed (that way they have something in diff environment they are familiar with, a "totem" if you will (Inception, anyone?). They make a Plus size, which is needed for my kid, since he's such a big boy :)

That's absolutely it. Besides crib, and car seat.
Epic fails:
1) Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Too small. Not totally my style. Doesn't match with enough stuff. Overall, $150 (sometimes more), I would rather go to target and buy a new oversized purse every season. 

2)Special bottles. It's all a bit of scam. (in terms of certain formats reducing colic or gas) At least that's what 3 pediatrician's I've talked to say, and what I have found with Elijah.

3)Pricey light up toys. They don't force him to create and think, they just make noise at him and make him dumber. 

4) Earth-tone Anything. You know, the cute, trendy, brown and teal, brown and pink, brown brown brown. There's a reason why everything comes in primary colors--that's what stimulates baby! Don't get me wrong, I loathe primary colors. I swore I would never buy a single item that was bright yellow red green etc...but, Elijah gets super bored super fast to the point I don't even bother putting him in his cute playthings. So I suck it up and keep all child/baby items in one designated, color-claustrophobic room, leaving the rest of my house free of baby stuff.   

5) Newborn clothes. Born at almost 9lbs he didn't even get to wear half of it. He wore the other quarter and the last quarter he grew out of too quickly to wear either. Really, he didn't get to wear a lot of the clothes I bought him from 1-3 months. The 3-6 months he still fits in a lot of, even though he's big so I would have focused more on those months.

6) If you cloth diaper it...diaper covers with velcro. #epicfail. They fray asap. I was even told they didn't, and they did.  #epicepicfail.

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