Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clueless Mom/Wife: Slippery Slope

Recently read  this mom's blog post and was really inspired/encouraged/convicted.

Reading it made me ask myself 3 important questions this week:
1) What are my priorities for my family now
2) Are they really in line with God's priorities
 3) Am I really willing to sacrifice my personal comfort to honor those priorities?

One of our values is committment to staying out of debt.  A few years ago, we had 13k in credit card debt, and worked hard for two years to pay it all off--praise God. It meant no birthday presents, no anniversary trip, and I think no Christmas. But, we have not owned a credit card since 2008, and are only in debt for our home. Praise be to God.

How committed are we to living within our means now? If Justin lost his job? How important is it/should it be for us to have two cars? Own a house? Stay at home? Would we trade it all if we knew it was truly best for our family? What is worth what?

Every six months I think it's worthy dinner time discussion

Food for thought. Thought I'd share.

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