Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clueless Gardener: Better to have loved&lost?

Would you call this dead?

Well. I am beginning to think my gardening skills are strugglin. I'm trying guys. I'm watering the yard once/day (in addition to running our sprinklers 2x/day), and watering the hydrangeas and all potted plants once/day in addition to sprinklers, sometimes TWICE. This Texas heat is just not working with my efforts to become domestic. My plants are dying!

In the past couple weeks, my parsley died off, half my rosemary, one--maybe two now--hydranageas, Star of Jasmine is dying, and patches of grass are turning yellow. I don't have the time to be out there watering more than twice a day, people.

Who knew being a responsible homeowner took so much work? (And water bills I might add....) I am beginning to see why those people with amazing yards don't have friends ;)

Which makes me pose the question--what would you rather have--a beautifully-maintained home, or people over at least once a week? Some people (probably without toddlers) have both. But I can't. At least not inside AND out, and that's not counting our bedroom (which is a standard mess).

I would rather have people. I mean, at the end of the day, no one on their deathbed goes, "Should have watered the Star of Jasmine all those years..oh wasted life".

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on our garden. I love where are yard is going, and LOVE being outside enjoying our yard. (And would kill for one of these, by the way)
(So cool, I would have my own SweetEugenes atmosphere in my own yard!)

But rather than start that vegetable garden I've been CRAVING, I think I'm going to work on initiating with more friends we've lost touch with over the months. And keep watering the freakin hydrangeas.

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