Thursday, June 30, 2011

clueless introvert: summer highlight 1: the zoo

Admitting it: I'm a homebody. I love love being in my home. I am one of those rare people that could probably not leave the house for a week and be completely fine with it. (As long as I could wear my PJs).  I realized this a couple weeks ago when I hadn't worn makeup in two days (frequently I go longer) and I realized my Mini-Me toddler was getting a little restless.

So I made a resolve to go on at least one Fun Toddler Outing every other day. Target doesn't count. (:( ) And once/wk I have to try something new (again, something I am reluctant to do on my own)

So, join me as I try one new Austin-Toddler-Friendly Activity/week for the rest of the summer. I'm trying to go on more play dates as I explore Austin (This keeps me accountable to not bailing or finding excuses)  Last week's adventure: The Austin Zoo

I was a little worried that Justin wouldn't like it. Being that my hubs had traveled the globe to study exotic animals growing up, I told him repeatedly in the car he should not expect much. 

t But it was a hit! He said the Austin Zoo reminded him of the zoo's in France. You can get so much closer to the animal
(Elijah actually learned how to make Tiger and Kitty noises while we were there!) Our family favorite: the tigers! We got to see the two tigers play-fight with each other and swim together. We watched them for a long time.

Another highlight was getting to see the lion roar when I threw the animal food at it got too close.

He LOVED the train ride!
(they also had a Honey Bear, which Justin had never seen before!! ((and is my baby's nickname, case you were interested :))
Justin got to put that zoology degree of his to good use :) It was so fun to see him teaching Elijah things. Like why certain monkeys were uglier than others (okay, I asked that question), and the latin name for everything....that'll impress the grandparents.

It was a little hot. We are way glad we brought our own water and pedialyte.

Overall Cons: Hard to find a good time of day to go with this heat. We did morning and it was okay. Also, we should have brought the bookbag vs. stroller, too much terrain for stroller. Bring your own water! So glad we did. Lastly, it's only $1, but buying the animal food was a waste valuable carrying-space.

Overall: DEF worth visiting. I think the smaller zoo's are a win for the toddlers, because trekking half a mile to see a sea turtle just wouldn't fly at a fancy zoo. We got to see tigers and lions really up-close, loved the hill country-scenery surrounding the zoo, and appreciated how intimate &non-crowded it was. Didn't have to fight for a changing table. Pack a picnic, they have tables! 3/4 stars.

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