Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clueless Mom: Parents of the Year

I just read this article/study from the National Institute of health about how children who experience fever are less likely to develop allergies after the age of six.

Of course they are. Because I worked so hard to keep baby bear from getting sick all year (and was successful, he's only had the one fever at age 1) So that would make sense. Why can you never win as a mom? ha.

Here's some pics that do cheer me up from a popular forward you've probably already received from 12 different people. Oh well they made me laugh today so I'm gonna share them with you.




(note: I love how all ethnicities are represented equally in this special cohort)

Ha. Yeah, yeah I know I can't judge. I've probably done a couple of these, if not I'm sure I'll do something worse before this whole parent-thing is over.

Though, I don't know...the truck full of babies is my favorite pretty strange...

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  1. Cin Cin, thanks for posting these. C and I laughed out loud as we looked at them! Miss you!