Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Commercial

So....we were in a Honda commercial!! Huge thanks to obviously God's sovereignty. Yes that. Also huge thanks to Burton Casting in Austin, TX! Also Thanks to director Frank Todaro with Moxie Pictures. And thanks to my mom, for watching the kids!

The concept is two "hipster" couples leaving 1) ACL and set out on 2)Austin adventures in their new 3) 2014 Honda CRV. All of these things are things that I LOOOOOOVE! (and until the night before filming, the four actors were NOT told it was for Honda, it ended up being a surprise--I DRIVE a CRV heh heh;)

(Justin and his "Stunt Double". I can't get enough of this photo--Jeff Schwann did all the driving for the commercial, though Justin did get to drive at the end!)

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  1. My wife and I moved to Nashville from Austin last year and we miss Austin dearly. This commercial air'd and we are huddled around the TV trying to identify the location of the final scene. Do you know what street/neighborhood where it's located? We used to live on 8th Street just west of Mopac behind Magnolia cafe and it resembles it. God bless your shout-out to God's sovereignty. He is the reason and calling for us moving to Nashville.