Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Elijah's Pirate Birthday

Age 3 was the year Elijah could really and genuinely decide what "kind" of bday party he wanted.
To be honest, I have kindof loved that he has been obsessed with pirates. Pirates have somehow, for some reason become "cute"

 But let's be honest, historically if we are being honest with our kids, pirates were

Luckily, no one in my family has asked for a historically accurate explanation of who or what pirates are, so Pirate Party it is.

We did easy "rainbow" fruit spears (strawberry, melon, pinapple, grapes and blueberries), easy bannana breads with whipped cream, blue jello (with pirate boat toothpicks) & I tried my best at a "skittle cake" which was requested.

 (This "kid" cake kindof felt like one of those "Pinterest Fail" memes you see...I'm  not quite the baker)

But we had fun!
Everyone was given a mustache and encouraged to come dressed

That creepy man would happen to be my husband. My spouse. The One I Chose. 

The man never broke character. He called it his "Daniel Day Louis" performance, and used a pirate accent the entire party....it wasn't until the end Elijah realized the pirate was his own father ;)

(my life shall never be boring! if you're single, #marryafunnyman , it pays off in the end;) )

We did a Pirate Scavenger Hunt, where the kids had to find the coins in the yard, and were given a toy "treasure chest" with little pirate-themed toys as they completed their hunt. (They had to "walk the plank" to their scavenger hunt)

 All in a day's fun!!

Thanks to all who came!

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