Thursday, November 6, 2014

So it's been 2 years…..


Anyone remember this old girl? Been quiiiiite awhile. 2 years and 2 months to be exact…..but I'm back!!
Truth is--adjusting from ONE to TWO children was more than I bargained for;) ((In the sweetest way of course!) and in the midst of a more-active-than-the-first second-child, I have NOT had time to blog in the past couple years!! But they have been eventful!

Been an eventful two years! Filled with post-partum depression, finding 'relief' through triathlon-training, months of no date or movie nights (we live for movies), the terror of having your Perfect Second Child turn into a Crying Tantrum Machine starting at his first birthday(and still going on that one), the exhaustion of being a 24hour Referee of a never-ending indoor rugby game with snotty short people,  and filled with daddy-son tickle fights as we get to experience the maturation of our youngest's giggle as he went from Baby Blob Soft Giggle, to Talking Baby Solid Giggle, to Hearty all out Mouth Open Wide, Head Flung Back Toddler-giggle. To having now, TWO "Angry Elfs" around dinner time (I lovingly say to my children "Oh He's an Angry Elf" when there's crankiness/sass....they will probably develop a Christmas-movie Complex). To crying with my husband, yelling at my husband, laughing with utter perfect delight with my husband over our, now two, children. To the joys of seeing sibling love blossom into my greatest accomplishment.

There are days I wake up and just think....Am I really old enough to be doing this?! Is this some kind of mistake? Me? Responsible for keeping not only plants but real people alive?

The adventure continues.

Missed ya'll. Hope 2012-2014 was filled with lots of love for you as well.

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