Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elijah's Super Hero Birthday

ANd  so it begins.


I feel like initiation into the world of being a "Mom of Boys" does not officially begin until your child begins their descent into the all-encompassing, all-consuming, never-ending retina-bleeding world of Super Heroes!!! (Does the Super Hero phase ever end?)

(These pics are not Justin, but taken from dad's from alllll over)

ANYWHO, Elijah asked for a SUPER hero birthday, and being that my husband is the comic-book nerd that he is (or was before he married me, whoops), we went all. out.

I made capes for the kids who came

AND masks! (sparkled-red spiderman for the 2 little girls who came)
(here's the link for the mask template FYI)

Meanwhile, my husband planned the ultimate three-stage obstacle course for the children
(They had to complete all three "Levels" of "Super Hero Training" in order to earn their capes (they earned after Level One), Masks (they earned after completing Level Two) and Medallion (after Level Three)
First Level of Super Hero school:

Second Level: (we had a stuffed cat tied to a rope like a pinata, the kids had to "rescue" the cat by jumping on the trampoline and 'catching'/saving the cat) then go through the cardboard box tunnel

Then the kids had to go "through" the spiderweb maze (string Justin strung up between two cars)

And they had to get to the Spiderman pinata through a couple obstacles and hit the "impostor" spiderman a few times. 

Both our sons loved it.
(My youngest son in the red cape in the front, Elijah dressed as Batman)

And we hope we passed our own initiation into the world of Raising Boys.
Cheers to the next 14plus years of Boyhood.

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