Monday, May 23, 2011

Clueless Mom: First Birthday: Teddy Bear Picnic

Well. It's over.

My first child's birthday party is officially over. I will never plan another first birthday party for the first time! How did it go in one word? Perfect. Better than I could have planned--I don't know if I've ever had so much fun at a kid's party (probably because I've never had a kid before& it was my own!) but it was the most fun family weekend we've ever had for sure! Everything from the surprise arrival of my sister&brother-in-laws (they live in AZ, we had NO idea they could make it!!) to celebrating the end of the party with almond champagne& Jim Gaffigan, to laughing with friends and good food. Every moment this weekend was spent laughing with the people we love most.

The fooooood

We had gouda-cheese/blue-cheese sliders with my mother-in-law's HOMEMADE sides of potato salad, spicy mac&cheese (with a non-spicy kids version!), baked beans! She is an AMAZING cook!

....And Bear Snacks of course

Some activities for the kids,

 (big kids included, his sister dared him)

                   (SO glad we had a son. Because my husband is the kind of guy that needs a son)

Our favors were puppy chow mix in ice cream bowls

& picnic plates to use & take home (had to add a little green-ness, I am an Austinite;))

& then the decor, which I made & was all REAL easy

Since it was, after all, a teddy-bear picnic, we layed out picnic blankets around the yard &tied them to beanie baby bears that I used to be obsessed with collect when they were cool popular
Then, we had guests watch a movie of Elijah's life Justin made for him
& after that was of course birthday cupcake time (first ingested dose of sugar ever)!

He got his birthday suit a little dirty, but that's allowed when it's your birthday
(he ate almost the whole thing)

Our surprise guests, sister&brother in law who flew in from Arizona!!
Beautiful grandparents--aren't they just cute??

 Some gifts he received included a sandbox, lawn mower, baby pool, bowling set, a Scout doll, drums, a swing, a backpack,  but I have to say, his favorite was

We had the time of our lives. Thanks to all who came & thanks Mimi, Paw paw, Abuelita, Kevin, Kelcey, Felix, Wes& Gina & family who helped cook&clean for me!

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  1. You are a LIGHT to your family and friends, Cindy! You do so beautifully what Jesus exhorts us to do in Matthew 5:16: In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (NIV 1984) Keep shinin'!