Sunday, May 8, 2011

One True Thing: Mother's Day!

 It's officially my very first Mother's Day!

So weird that I am now, forevermore, a mother and nothing can ever change that.

The past several months, I have been blogging about my new experiences as a mom--all the new experience and lessons that come with being a new mom. I've felt incredibly empowered the past 11 months since having my baby...he really has given me a strength and inspiration I never had before him and I've done things I never thought I would do because I had him (both good and gross heh heh)

Last week (while I was making decorations for his bday:)), I watched a Meryl Streep film--"One True Thing". I had seen this movie when it came out (I was like, 13) and thought it was just a depressing movie about cancer. Upon seeing again last week, I was so inspired to be a better mom.

You should *totally* see the movie--so I'm not going to spoil it for you--but the mother in this movie is just like my own mother, and just like my mother-in-law. (I am pretty similar to Renee Zellweger's character). There is a part in the movie where Renee is cleaning the toilet at her parents house, and is like, "Mom, I can't believe you did this. How could you have done this for all these years? I mean, didn't it drive you crazy to have to do this for us--without even a thank you?!"   Meryll Streep is completely speechless and confused, and is like, "What do you mean?......I guess, I dunno, I just, I dunno, I love my family...I've always loved my family...."

The mother character  doesn't even count the cost. She doesn't even understand the question, because her family means so much to her, her discomfort was never even a thought in her mind. Is that not like Christ?! Is that not like my own mother, who has done so much for me, like Evie, who has done so much for me, and they never once complain. They enjoy serving....because they do it for love.

Man. Thinking of the times my mom cleaned my toilets all these years....sat up all night with me...I complain so much when my own son doesn't sleep through the night. Brings tears. I still have far to grow. I want to love my family like that. I do love my son more than I can even show him. But I want to love my family like that. I want to go out like that.

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