Monday, May 16, 2011

Clueless Mom: Bad Mom Week.

So I'm having a bad mom week. I have them regardless of what's going on in our lives (though I have yet to achieve any kind of normalcy since baby). However, lately, I'm having a *really bad mom week.

It started after the marathon. The next week was Easter , which hubs & I both had a lot to do for this year. Then, lil bit started teething. We found out he has FOUR coming in at the same time. Holy smokes, they don't warn you about this in the birthing classes. Baby wakes up every hour of the night for three weeks ---what the what!? (Ok, exagerating, not every night, but four weeks later, he's still not sleeping like he used to)And then we both got sick (for the first time ever for him, and my first time since pre-pregnancy) so you know it was bad.

Then we started the extreme-yard-makeover, which occurred during the teething apocalypse, which launched us into first-birthday planning and this week which is first-birthday week! I'm so exhausted. Like, I want to cry.

Which  brings me to my bad mom week. As mentioned, lil bit has been sleeping less and in all last week he was sleeping 4-6 hours at night, with short naps during the day. This weekend, it occurred to me that maybe he was *overtired. To see if I was right, I started putting him down for his first nap at 7:30am, and YEP that was it. He slept for 3 HOURS (thank you Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child!). So basically--he's been completely sleep deprived for a month and it was my fault for pushing him to later naps and overstimulating him! He was even getting little dark rings around his eyes! Mom of the year award goes to me!

Furthermore, this past week I've been so exhausted&just don't have the energy to come up with playtime activities. I'm out. I get so excited for Fridays when he finally has Gymboree and someone can teach him things. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to have fun with your baby during the day? I'm running out of ideas....if I hear baby Einstein music one more time I will scream. (house rule is whenever one of us is sick we get to watch as much tv as we want. Sleep deprivation counts.)

Plus, I forgot to feed him his dinner bottle yesterday AND I left a glass on my desk which he broke this morning. Get it together, clueless mom.

On a good mom note, I've finally finished his first birthday present from me! Me and Justin are both making him gifts for his first bday and here's mine:

I can't wait to see Justin's! He's going to 'unveil' his gift to lil bit at his birthday party!


  1. So many thoughts! First, that table is DARLING! He will absolutely love that and use it for so many things! Next, we love Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby too! Finally, you are not a bad mom! We all get in ruts. I'll FB you some of our favorite activities. Hang in there...once those teeth come in a whole new sweet world opens up. I loved 13-15 months. Then again I actually have loved them all. But something was relieving about those because teeth were in and all new things were happening for Chloe.

  2. Oh my goodness. Can I tell you how many TEARS I've shed because I feel like a good mom would plan better activities for her child and ENJOY playing with him? Some days I just can't sit and play blocks or read one more board book - but I feel like we should be doing SOMETHING developmental! You are definitely not alone. And that table is to DIE for!

  3. Laura----THANK you! I needed to hear this! I love hearing I'm not alone in this. Maybe I'm starting to think it's okay not to keep him busy all day...

  4. Thanks Karen---good, GOOD to hear! Yes, this book has been our staple go-to-sleep bible