Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quotes from My Children: 3 Year Old Edition

Playing in the house with his plastic soldier sword. It's during a week that J hasn't been around much. I notice that he's swinging it around for awhile and talking to nobody.
Me: Elijah, what are you doing?
Elijah: I'm protecting you mommy from da bad guys. Ewijah is ALWAYS here to take care of you.


My son is obsessed with cleanliness.
We're at Chick Fil A parking lot, and I'm getting baby Kai out. Elijah's out of the car, as of 2 seconds.

Me: Stay close Elijah, next to momm--
I turn around, and in a matter of seconds, I see him and he's holding a dirty, disgusting Chickfila napkin in one hand, and a cigarette butt in the other, he had found on the ground in the parking lot.

Elijah: It doesn't go dere mommy, this is trash, it goes in the trash.
Me: YES but it's dirty, don't touch trash on the ground
Elijah (chipper): We better throw it awayyy!
Me: Put that down!!!
Elijah: Yes. Yes, I will. I will put it in the trash.
Me: (baby in hand), Just, give it to me
Elijah: (looks at me suspiciously) Are YOU going to throw it away mommy? It doesn't go on the--
Me: Sure, yes--
So me: Walking into Chick filA, with a baby in one arm, a child on my other elbow, holding a cigarette butt up in the air. Perfection.


He's started selectively &inconsistently utilizing the word, "Honey". It's always a bit of a shock. He always inserts it at the END of a sentence, and it's pretty much always after bad news:
Elijah: No, Baby Kai, we're not going to play with the books right now, *Honey*.
(Another day)
Elijah: No, mommy, that's not candy to eat now, it's candy to eat water (later), *Honey*.
(Before dinner)
Elijah: I don't think Ewijah is going to WIKE chicken tonight, *Honey*. 

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