Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quotes from my Children: 3 year Old Edition

Elijah (very concerned): My Butt hurts. 
Me: Oh, dear Elijah, let me look (starting to pull up the back of his shirt so I can look at his bum)
Elijah: (Giggles) No, mommy! That's not my butt! THIS (pointing to his side) IS my butt!! (giggles) For his entire life, he has believed a "butt" is just below his armpit. 

Loading Elijah into the car. 
Me (in a normal tone): Elijah---climb into the car, okay we're in a hurry
Elijah: (snapping) MOMMY…..(pauses to think about it)….If you yell at Ewijah…..(points finger in the air)….God WILL spank you…."

My husband is known for his loud, death-rattle sneezes. Elijah is upstairs in bed, and Justin and I are downstairs watching a movie. 
Justin Sneezes.
We continue to watch movie.
Suddenly, Hears door opening upstairs, and the sound of quick pitter-pattering of feet.
Elijah(wide-eyed, frazzled hair, half awake, yelling at the top of his lungs): IS EVERY ONE OKAY DOWN DERE???
Us: ……..Uh, yeah……
Elijah: did you guys HEAR dat?!!!!!! IS EVERYONE OKAY??
Us: Daddy just sneezed, Elijah....go back to bed....
Us: Daddy sneezed...everything is okay, just go back to bed...
Elijah: very, very careful. (turns, and returns groggily to his room slamming the door behind him).

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