Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quotes from My Children: 3 Year Old Edition

Yesterday, I started talking fast and loud, explaining to Elijah why he needed to hurry up and get his shoes on and where we were going. He stops me and says (??):
Elijah: Okay, mommy, say, "I…(index finger bouncing to each word) .WOVE (love)…..GOD.."
Me: (confused) I….love….GOd?
Elijah: Say it again, mommy, say say it slowly.
Me: I…love…God?
Elijah: Okay, now take a deep bweaf (breath) (inhales for me)
Me; Inhaling
Elijah: Okay. Now you feel Better?
Christian counseling at it's finest.

Our family 'secret' is that we bribe our kids with food to get them to poo. (Yes, sorry I just went there). Elijah has learned that if he goes #2, he will get a _____, cookie, candy, piece of chocolate, whatever we have around.
At Starbucks:
Justin, holding Elijah innocently. Elijah sees cake pops.
Elijah: DADDY!!!! I NEED TO GO POO POO!!! I HAVE TO GO POO POO!! Do you see it? (pointing at cake pop) (starts to whine/cry/sing): I NEED TO GO POO POO!!!

Elijah is up way too early one morning. I, half-asleep, grab him out of bed and abduct him to our bed.
Me: Elijah, it's cuddle time now.
Elijah: The sun's awake!
Me: It's too early. We're going back to bed, okay. We're going to cuddle and go back to sleep with mommy.
Elijah: Okay, mommy.

Long silence. He's wrapped up in my arms, he has one arm under my neck, the other around my face. This moment is perfection. He is stroking my face with his little fingers. A minute passes, and I am almost alsleep when I feel him pushing his mouth right up next to my ear: 

A raspy whisper.

Elijah: Good morning, *Cindy.
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