Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby #2's Gender Revealed!

The big day finally came!--the day we find out baby#2's gender!

I made pink and blue bran muffins for breakfast that morning, and asked him to choose if we were having a little boy, or a little girl!

So far, the tally was: 23 voted for girl
7 voted for boy (counting Elijah)

Carrying like a boy or girl? 
(What complicated voters was the fact that my pregnancy has been totally different than the last pregnancy; Less nausea (though still bad), different cravings, less weight gain (so far), stomach pains&worse skin.

This day was so important for us. Adding a boy to the family, would be a totally different dynamic than if we added a girl. And what a difference it would make to Elijah, too! We were too excited for the way our lives were about to change.

The ultrasound technician of course asked us what we predicted. We both said, and then she asked if Elijah had made a prediction. I told her, as a matter of fact yes, he guessed 'boy'. She smiled and said that 9/10 little ones guess correctly! She hadn't looked yet, but I thought that was funny that she would think so.

So as of now, baby is 11.5 ounces (5 ounces from a full pound!) and probably a little bigger than a bannana. Everything as of now is normal (praise God) and baby is growing on schedule. Baby is breech though, and so was Elijah so we need to pray for that to change.

We are so excited for our little bundle of joy! We had a lot of fun telling family. The reason we didn't tell everyone right away was because we knew family was coming into town the next weekend and we wanted to tell them in a special way. For Mimi's (grandma's) birthday, we took her out to eat and had the waiter bring her dessert on a plate with the gender written in chocolate! Then for her gift (a bible from the grandchildren) we had it personalized from each of the grandkids, including the new baby with their new name! She was surprised and it was a fun time :)
We called relatives the next day via facetime/skype, and revealed to each of them either by Elijah saying the baby's name, or biting into a cupcake with the appropriate color of icing and having him show them his tongue.
We wanted to make the surprise special for baby#2. We hope they know how perfect they are and how excited we are to be having them--just the way God made them--in our lives. Baby #2 will be such a blessing :)


  1. LOVE it! So excited to see how God's plan for your family continues to unfold. I know what you mean-my pregnancy with Halle was completely different from Lacey's in every way, and I KNEW that she was a boy, until the gender ultrasound. Having two of the same gender is one of the greatest gifts in the world, I never could have understood fully beforehand. The girls are already SO close and adore each other-I'm so thankful God gave them each other and so thankful God gave Elijah a little brother !
    Love-Amy Littlepage

  2. Rejoicing with you! It is precious to have the same gender and watch their friendship develop; what an incredible gift for brothers to grow in the Lord together!

  3. Thanks Angela&Amy! We are excited! We will need prayers though, ha!