Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clueless hair-styler; Frumpy McFrumperton

I had never heard of the phrase "hot mess" until last year. (I'm not from Texas). A mom (she's adorable) in my mom's group used it all the time to describe how she felt when our group first met after the babies were born. This was when our babies were like, 3 months old. Then I feel like everyone kind of got a grip on life.

Well, our babies are  2 years old now....but I still can't seem to shake the 'hot mess' description when I think of myself....
Specifically, the hair.

I do not blow-dry. I know, it's like, Southern Woman 101, I missed the course, but I just, think it takes too much time and I don't want to fry my hair. I also do not curl my hair. Too much time! I have other things to do. So, that has left me with limited options.Those of you who know me, know I pretty much have been wearing my hair one of three ways since birth of baby: Ponytail,

up in a braid-bun ("fancy", if you will),
and down like Ugly Betty

Until recently!
1) I layered my hair, but also 2) I figured out how to style my hair without having to use harmful heat, and without blow-drying!

Thank you Paper Mama!

I watched her video (because I just couldn't quite figure out logistics involving hair twisting and a headband...I know so basic right) But it has changed the way I do hair!

(at the REI garage REI)
(sorry I don't have better pics, hubby is working a lot lately and couldnt get a pic in the mirror so this is all I have for now!)

Anywho, it's awesome because you can make the curls loose or tight, and for me at least, the curls actually hold until the next wash! (I do put my hair in the headband more wet than not, so the hair stays that way, because my hair doesn't hold curl normally).

Dunno if anyone else out there is clueless about hair...I feel like every other mom always looks so 'put-together', but thought I would share with any other hot-messes out there!

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