Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy valentines: happy food day

This year we had a bit of a Vday extravaganza. Justin&I had gotten some date night time the weekend before, so for Vday I wanted my boyS to take me out. We had a romantic patio dinner at Vespaio/Enoteca, definitely the best Italian in Austin (and we went the night we didn't have to fight crowds downtown--wheW)

On Valentines me &the cub had a special day just the two of us:) We did some Vday with friends, then got to work on our Vday crafts for daddy

(we wanted to get him flowers& version)

That afternoon me and baby bear made these fun Toddler-sized homemade pop-tarts (warning: filling must contain crack.. in there somewhere...)

(I mixed berries for my filling, rather than just the cherry. Also you can use your own pie crust for a healthIER version)

We ended the day with a big heart-shaped pizza for the three--er--four of us! :) No better way to end a day than with pizza&those you love

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