Saturday, April 16, 2011

Decorating for Easter; No Time, No Money!

So, Easter this year wasn't going to be a big deal. Justin is working like crazy for the next week and I'm in the Easter production this year so we were just low-keying it this year.

Then, Thursday I find out I'm hosting Easter this year. For both families. Yikes!

Plus, I kept telling myself, this is baby's first *have to do a 'lil something special

So, on no time here's my quick&VERY inexpensive Easter decor 2011...
I used these two little pieces from PaperSource ($1 each),
Added a little: decoupage (paper and glue--paper from clearance section @Hobby Lobby, 10cents!), ribbon laying around the house, $1.19 butterfly also from the Hobbster (normally $2, used a 40%coupon)
And printed on some white cardstock, and tadaaa my wreath-less doors have a 'lil somethin' somethin' now

                                         Total cost: $2.29 each door.
                                         Total time: 2 hours (includes allowing glue to dry, so actually it takes 15 minutes where you're ACTUALLY working...)

Best part-- I can switch out the lettering and it will double for Spring decor&even summer decor! (I chose a versatile pattern)

Like I said, I'm short on time before Easter, and I like a little simple accent once in awhile, so...

Cardstock+ Little Label Sign
Uh, that's it folks.
Total cost: $1
Total time: 1 minute 

Now, for Easter tree. I wanted something cheap, quick&something meaningful

 So, I spray-painted branches from outside white (I had already used these mini-trees for decor for baby-dedication), bought some egg ornaments ($4 at Hobbster & $1 at Dollar Tree ($1 for 4))

Typed out some verses on resurrection to hang on the tree.
**Sidenote: I decided starting on Good Friday every year, as a family we will read the verses aloud together then hang verses on the tree every day. Friday will be verses on His death, and Saturday& Sunday, His resurrection. ****

So then, I found a pot from the backyard, and some mardi-gras-lookin beads from my decor stash--and

This is so much cuter in person.
Total cost: $5 (I had the spray paint already)
Total time: 30min-1hr (waiting for spray paint to dry, otherwise 8min work-time!)

Now for the flowers.

 I splurged and bought a kit like this one --only mine was only $10 at PaperSource

                             You can make your own paper flowers for cheaper, though. The uses? Endless!

                                                Total cost: $10 plus tax
                                                 Total time: 15 min (the speckled eggs, I found at the Hobbster (my favorite store of all time) for $1.50 (50% Easter decor as we all know :)--they are PLASTIC which is awesome when you have a baby ((and hard to find eggs that are both cute and plastic))

Finishing touches? Hide eggs in random places in the house for guests to find! :)

So, that's it folks! Overall, I didn't want to decorate with eggs&bunnies too much  because I'm trying to keep my decor versatile& storage minimal. These items I can use for Spring decor, Summer decor, and Baby's birthday decor! (the typed cardstock I intentionally didn't scha-lack to their pieces)

My Easter prep is done in a day--which is good because I have SO MUCH to do this week!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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