Monday, February 7, 2011

This week I'm working on...

* Our wedding album. Yes, as in 3 years post-wedding, I'm just now getting to this. And it's because I got a coupon for scrapbooking that expires this week.
I'm so glad our pictures turned out better than these

Seriously, what were the photographers thinking? I'm no photographer, but really? (Still trying to decide what exactly is happening in that last one...the arm bands are a must, though.)

* Zumba (aerobic workout combining salsa, hip-hop and kick boxing) (I'm still deciding if we should buy the game for Xbox, any opinions?)
* Pre-cooking for Elijah's baby dedication this weekend. (Thanks AL!)

* Laughing. I may have a busy week ahead so I'm going to try to have a sense of humor. On that note, I'm re-blogging a joke found on Sb's blog :" How many new moms does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three—one to spend all her energy researching lightbulb brands and green alternatives, then decide it's easier just to sit in the dark; one to wander around the store shopping for hours only to come home and realize she forgot to buy the lightbulb; and one to actually buy the bulb, change it, then break down in tears over how much better the other moms are doing"


* Praying for Justin. As some know, he has a big week this week. I'm in a mom's book club, and we're reading "Power of a Praying Wife". My prayer for Justin this week: Prov 3:3-4--"Bind mercy and truth around his neck and write them on the tablet of his heart so he will find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man".


  1. LOVE your plan for this week! I still have not put our wedding album together either and we are coming up on 4 years this summer! Ahh!! I will be praying for Justin too. Praying God will show him favor. Love your blog!!

  2. Praying for Justin. Can't wait to see your album. You make everything fabulous!

  3. Love your blog! What a great prayer for our husbands. I will use it this week for my husband too. This is random but, what you do for meal planning? I bet you have some great ideas...

  4. I think I win the prize for latest wedding album so far. We've been married a little over 4 years and I still haven't put our album together. It gets worse: I may or may not have lost the CDs containing our wedding pictures. I know. The shame.