Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well. I taught my 9month old to drink out of a cup (not sippy cup, big ppl cup). Cute, right? I thought so, and he thought so. Well. Yesterday, Hubs is watching baby and splits to the other room for a sec. We all know what can happen for a sec when baby is involved. See, I am starting to wonder if our baby is smarter than us. Like, he can pull the outlet covers OUT of the sockets if he wants, he can unhook his paci clip,(and glares at us afterward with a big HUGE smile)& he has been able to climb all 14 of our stairs since he was 7months etc., etc., you get the picture.

Husband is watching Baby and grabs something from the kitchen. I walk in, and see baby with a cup. Looks like Hubs’s coffee cup. Baby has been watching Hubs drink from it all morning (yes, he notices these things) So, of course he wants it, and of course he knows how to drink from big boy cups so he takes a huge swig of it.

Cut to today.
Baby wakes up, bright and bushy tailed, normal time. Everything’s normal, everyone’s happy. Only Baby doesn’t go down for his naps. For ten hours. Ten. Hours. No naps. All day, I’ve been frustrated, not because he’s fussy (bc he’s happy as a clam) but because I KNOW he needs to sleep and he won’t. What the heck???!!!

Then, I remember. The coffee. (sometimes it takes awhile to have effect).
Great. Moral? Don’t teach your kids. Ignorance=bliss.

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