Monday, July 25, 2011

Clueless mom: While he was away...

Last week I meant to post. I had time to post. But, last week my little son went on his first vacation without mommy and daddy. He went to his grandparents. Oh my. No doubt he had a blast.

I, of course, cried for about 45min after he left (I hadn't been apart from him for longer than 24hours except for one other occassion). And then Justin and I sat on our bed in complete bewilderment.....we were alone.

So what was I up to for 2 whole days??:

(been meaning to make a sign for our door. Apparently, the sticky-note we had above the doorbell was too confusing for the delivery people ;) )

I also made some essentials to keep our home green

(wipe cloths for HoneyBear's highchair shennanigans) (Just cut up some towels and sewed--too easy--I keep them in a container on the bar)

Homemade Insect-Repellent. I almost paid $20 for a teeny-tiny tube of organic repellent, then found this recipe and made my own. It's been working great so far! (heavy on the lemon&mint is most effective I hear--not to mention DEET-free!!!)

 And lastly I started a painting for the baby room. Did you hear that?? I said 'baby room'!

No, I'm not pregnant. Haha. But I decided that we are going to keep honeybear's room a nursery for the next baby (again, not pregnant) and move him into the craft room. That way I can keep the crib bedding I love, and HoneyBear can have a new decor theme! (I'm thinking either surf-themed, or Keep Austin Weird-themed (it'll be cute, don't worry)

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  1. Ooooohhh...I need to try that homemade insect repellent. Mr. J is getting bit every time we go outside. I keep telling myself to get some, but keep forgetting. Thanks for sharing!