Thursday, July 7, 2011

clueless housekeeper: tips from the MIL

I constantly feel like I'm trying to stay on top of keeping the kitchen organized and clean. While we were at my MIL's last weekend (of course her home is immaculate--I will never live up...), I noticed she uses dishtowels as liners in her fridge. Brilliant! Not only does this minimize cleaning, it's more effective& greener than paper towels and BONUS: Spreads the Cuteness! (God knows I am happier when things look pretty)

(I use the bottom shelf with the damask as HoneyBear's shelf. He has to have his own shelf to make things easier for daddy to remember what is baby-appropriate)

Isn't it funny how baby invades your life. There was a time when I swore our home wouldn't be baby-fied......

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