Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my crazy life in a minute update

The past 2-3 weeks have been kinda strange.
1) Ran my second half marathon (and beat my old time, making it in 1hr40, a personal goal)
2)I decided to run my first full marathon (which takes place in a couple weeks!)
3) I started selling my crafts, for the first time.
4) Auditioned and got a call back for a reality TV show.
5) Did our taxes

That's why I haven't posted in awhile.

On #1) :

Hills of San Marcos. 13.1. "Rolling" hills my HINEY. Friggin EKG. We were literally running next to cows, chickens, and barns. I laughed out loud a few times in spite of Texas.

#2) Yes, I know it's crazy. After my San Marcos run, I started thinking...I *never* thought I'd be able to run a half so soon. And yet, God gave me the strength and it is such a cool feeling to say YES to myself instead of a BUT, I CAN'T. So, I thought, why not a full 26.2? So I'm doing it

a) Because my baby will never be this low maintenance again. I'll never just have *one* baby again, and as they get older, it gets harder to slip away

b) I'm so close in training (at the point in which I write, I ran one 18.9mi run last week and ran a 20.8 mile run Sunday...I won't go through this again)

c) Marathons DON'T necessarily kill the knees or produce heart attacks. (Here's why ) (And here's why)

c) I've had a couple of people tell me I can't

d) Because I CAN (if it's God's will)

On #3)---It was an accident, really.

I thought, I use my Heating/Cooling ice pack on my sore muscles after every run, and me and Justin are always fighting for his. So, why couldn't every runner use these eco-friendly, machine-washable, multi-purpose packs? Beats using those gross gel cooling packs that get grimey and could be ingested by my baby! So, I called up local running stores/chiropracters, and they ordered some! Score!
(I also sell them on etsy at: my temporary etsy site    but, if anyone ever wants one pls don't waste $ on shipping and just ask me!

4) The reality show..... I auditioned for this show, because they were going to pay me to travel to Dubai which sounds pretty awesome to a SAHM, let's be honest. (Even though I've never left baby for longer than a day and that in and of itself was torture). I got a call back a month later, "Oh we're really interested in you", yadda yadda. I go to the second call back and I'm in a waiting room full of Reese Witherspoons wearing low-cut shirts, tight jeans, and heels. They are all holding their headshots and name-dropping. I am wearing an Old Navy tank top, shorts, and flats and I'm sporting, of course, my diaper bag. (Because, who has time to switch stuff from diaper bag to cute purse? Not this girl). The audition itself was less intimidating, but I doubt I will be getting a call back!

5) Lame, lame lame.

Next week, I my goals are to sit at home, watch Wendy Williams, and read some People, let the dishes pile high, eat some more Krispy Kremes, and slack-off to recover from the atypical madness that has comprised my every second the past weeks....wish me luck

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