Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Dedication

A few weeks ago, we had our baby dedication at our house. It was a super special time for our family, as we believe that prayer is effective for the righteous man, and we are made righteous in Christ! I have been writing prayers for my son since I was pregnant and putting them in his baby book. (I want him to see, when we see them answered in the future, evidence of Christ throughout his life). So this dedication was for us, a physical celebration of the prayers we have prayed for him already, and the ones we will pray throughout his life. Our biggest prayer is that he knows Christ as his savior one day. (we believe that will be Elijah's choice, not ours)

 *Elijah's Baby book:)

So, we decided to have a dedication and have all our family and friends who had been in our small groups in the past come over and pray over baby with us. We might have done this through a church ceremony, but we adopted the practice of a church we highly respect in theology ( Matt Chandler's Church, The Village in Dallas) ((we often listen to Matt Chandler's sermons online)). They always do home dedications because they believe the ceremony should be personal and meaningful, where people who will be involved in the baby's life can pray over the baby, since people closest to you are your church.

So, Justin's dad presided over the short ceremony. He gave a short 'sermon' describing 1Samuel 1:27&28 (our dedication verse for Elijah) and also talking about how me and Justin met (and I thought he was a scary puppy-eater;) and how God had plans for Elijah even before me and Justin knew we were meant for each other. Then he asked our family and friends to vow to honor the Word of God and passed out cute cards with our family picture on it:) It was a truly special time.

 (My aunt made the cake from scratch using all organic ingredients--it was raspberry creme &chocolate walnut & very delicious! ((She just started a cake business in Austin, please, me know if you're interested!!))
(Spray-painted branches white then hung Elijah's pictures on them--they will double as decor for his birthday party as well :)
 (As favors I made homemade sugar cross cookies with homemade lemon icing)

Remembering this occasion makes me grateful today that God gave me my baby--the greatest joy me and Justin have experienced this side of heaven.  Also, I am so grateful that God provided, and I waited to marry a godly man--someone who will point my son to Christ and reminds me of His grace daily and forever. 

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  1. I LOVE this idea! So sentimental and meaningful (is that redundant?).