Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happy new years


So my one. My only. New Year's Resolution is to make my house not feel like this anymore
Because it does. 

I feel under the pile. I can never get our house as clean as I want it, and by the time I've cleaned one area, (and taken care of baby, and run errands, and cleaned diapers and made baby food and cooked ) it's time to go to bed and my house still feels like

I'm not even watching Oprah. Bon bons? Nope I don't have any. And I still feel like my house isn't where I want it. 

So. I think it's time for a review. My own post, and I've already forgotten it.
I think those tips will help a ton. 

But I still need to do more. Here is what I'm trying in 2011. 
1) Putting Everything Back. As in, in it's place. I call it 'our new tradition'. Since the new year, I've been telling Justin to put everything back in their places, such as cereal, shoes, if we use a glass, put it in the sink, put dishes in the dishwasher....it's revolutionary really. I keep telling him it's our new tradition because maybe that way he will think it is fun.

2) A new weekly clean schedule. Here's one from flylady.net

 Monday: Weekly Home Blessing (8:00am-9:00am)

(Um of course the time doesn't apply to me--because with a baby your day starts at 6am! ((and is way busier))

  1. Get Up and Dress to Shoes
  2. Laundry
  3. Weekly Home Blessing Hour
    1. Cull/toss old magazines.
    2. Change sheets.
    3. Empty all the trash.
    4. Vacuum all rooms.
    5. Mop kitchen and bath.
    6. Clean mirrors and doors.
    7. Feather Dust furniture.

  1. Water and fertilize plants.
  2. Spend 15 minutes in the current zone.

  1. Finish Zone Cleaning Chores.
  2. Remainder Weekly Cleaning.
  3. Make sure refrigerator is clean.
  4. Write thank-you notes.
  5. Work on menus and grocery list for next week.
  6. Balance check book before going shopping.

  1. Make sure menus are planned before you go shopping.
  2. Check grocery list one last time before you walk out the door. Take your list with you.
  3. Grocery Day.
  4. Errand Day:
    1. Library.
    2. Post office.
    3. Buy gifts and cards.
    4. Buy candles.

  1. Be romantic today.
  2. Get food from the freezer for next week.
  3. File papers.
  4. Write letters and cards.
  5. Clean out purse.
  6. Mend clothes and polish shoes.
  7. Pet care (Flea and Heart Meds).
  8. Clean out car and check fluids.
  9. Clean laundry room.
  10. Mail film to Mystic Labs.

Here is where this stuff is at

Hm,,,, yeah I'm not sure I'm going to follow this to the T. But it's a start.

 More great resolutions:

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