Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So we are quarantined this week due to a (probably unfounded) whooping cough outbreak in Eli's play group. Nothing life-threatening, everyone's fine and on antibiotics. Honey Bear doesn't even have any symptoms whatsoever. But.

I hate antibiotics.

I was just bragging the other day how Honey Bear has never been sick in his life and never run a fever even though I didn't breastfeed for a year. (well...at least he *technically* still isn't sick, and still never a fever? but, yeah yeah God was humbling me)

So, today I am determined to
a) Not clean.
b) Not cook baby food.
c) Update our family blog, Attempt to subscribe to google reader (I've never done it...can you tell by my verbiage?)
d) Make Eli a food chart (to make sure he's getting all the nutrients he needs at his age...SuperBabyFood, anyone? It's a LIFEsaver)
e) Read about toddler discipline (which...I will probably not get to...will probably procrastinate a few more months to be honest and read other people's blogs instead).

Been procrastinating those things and since I WAS on the phone all day figuring out our new health insurance and budget (which, I had been procrastinating those prior to), I get a reward of living in a dirty house today.

So for food charting..it looks like I will be giving Honey Bear snacks today for the first time ever! He is apparently old enough for two snacks a day now. We'll be using his cute new dishes
 (orange and teal of course, because those are his colors)
And he will be eating tofu. Why. Because I can. He doesn't know it tastes awful. I mean look at how happy he is

Next on foods to add for next week are--spinach and broccoli  (Sunday's are my Sprouts Day, I go to sprouts and get all his baby food, and cook it the next morning).
So far we've introduced (and have tons in the freezer): asparagus, pears, peaches, apple, banana, carrots, pumpin, sweet potato, avacado, tofu, acorn squash and yellow squash. I truly, truly love making HoneyBear's baby food. Not only is it more nutritious, but it's so empowering for me. I feel like a grown up woman who knows how to do woman things. 

PS, So...organic baby food not necesarily more nutritious? Is it really worth it? Mayo Clinic article on baby organic food


  1. I love making baby food, too...now if only I could get William to eat it. Maybe Elijah will be a good influence on him? So true about the breastfeeding/fever thing. William has had 100% breastmilk his entire life, and he had a fever of 104 last week. And he's not even in day care! Go figure! :)

  2. Your influence is really pushing me to consider making my own baby food. I was raised with a value system that said convenience food is a rip off. Somehow feeding Lydia something I CAN make on my own seems wrong.