Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Going from 1 to 2....

I wanted to write a post about what my experience was going from one child to two. 


So it's not the worst thing ever.

But it IS like one of my friends who has children (with same age gap) said to me before having our second:"It's just a matter of continually evaluating who needs you more in that moment. They both need you. But which one, this time, needs you more".

Those of you with 2plus children may agree with this, or not at all. I would love to hear others' opinions on the transition. But, I can say, 5 months into it---the hardest part for me has been
1) The energy required
2) Feeling sad for not giving either of my kids the attention I would like to give them.

On the first issue--I have found that it is an The good news is--that is life. I feel that it is teaching them that, unfortunately, life is not about having what you want, when you want.
Apparently, the average age-gap in N. America is 2 years. Which is us. 

perfect age gap:

I guess I can sum up my closing argument with a friend's facebook post:

"My youngest was screaming her head off in my husband's arms when I came to bed. I started to talk and she calmed down, turned to me, and smiled…And then I remembered why I bothered having kids."


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