Monday, June 4, 2012

For anyone who can get childcare for this weekend.....

I have been wanting to go to this for the past 7years...and we finally are!

I have been wanting to invest more in our marriage before baby#2 comes, and have been looking for ways...then I heard this conference was coming up...

Yes, we could go on a date night.
Yes, we could go on a weekend trip.

But, I don't know about you, but every conference I have gone to with biblically-sound teaching regarding the topic of child-rearing or marriage has been worth EVERY. PENNY. And infinitely worth more to us than any ordinary trip or date night. (not to mention, we always get a few clever inside jokes from these things that provide a chuckle or two in the meager times)

SO if anyone wants to join us this weekend in investing for the next 50 years(or so),

in the registration and you will get 50%off any (even in another city/state/season) Family Life Weekend to Remember conference for 2012/2013! (not to mention they offer discount on hotel rate if you so choose)

So excited for our date night extravaganza!


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