Tuesday, January 24, 2012

if you've ever had morning sickness...

I have it bad. Bad. I'm one of those fortune women who experience ALL the beautiful colors of pregnancy.
(thank you for the overalls)
From the migraines, to the swelling, so the hot flashes, to the growing to the size of an elephant...I get the whole deal.

I find that the most difficult part of the deal is the first trimester. As in, labor is easier than dealing with the nausea/fatigue. And perhaps, dealing with the nausea/fatigue is easier than dealing with the people around you who have never experienced this and roll their eyes at you like you're being dramatic.

I've pushed my body to the max before, people.
And it was a lot prettier than the deal going on now.

So I did look up this article....new study shows that babies whose mothers experienced the terrible nausea are "smarter"?
Here's CTV News
and another
 The Stir article
For all the women out there who have had the awful nausea, the weekly trips to the ER for IV meds (I've about been there twice this pregnancy), I cling to these studies and pray the sickness is not all for nothing.

 I will post later about handling a toddler in the midst of it. The issue is kindof a sore subject right now, a liiiittle to close to home.....

At the end of the day---I am grateful to God to have this baby. I pray for a healthy pregnancy above everything, and as we all know/remember...it's all worth it

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