Saturday, December 17, 2011

staying healthy as a toddler mom

After the triathlon, I decided to take a break from marathons/triathlon.

So what miracle workout did I discover? I did it on accident! I was looking into becoming a personal trainer, and stumbled upon a gym here in Austin that specializes in High Intensity Interval Training. It's different than just weight lifting because it is based on high intensity combined with keeping up the reps for a magic number of seconds--that produces amazing results because it taps out the fast-twitch muscle fibers (so you get the anaerobic exercise&build muscle) and continues the reps requires the slow-twitch fibers to have to work the remaining amount of time. The product? Both muscle-building and aerobic exercise is required to finish the exercise and you feel exhausted and build muscle!

My first workout (this was before I decided to become a trainer at this gym), I was so skeptical and was scared of becoming a she-man

But after being assured by John Kelly it just wasn't going to happen with my genetics, I showed up, did 12 minutes (that 12 minutos) of this exercise and I literally could barely talk to him afterward. I felt like I had just run 9 miles right then and there.

So, I'm super sorry to go on about it...but HIIT is just amazing. My husband started seeing results right away--and he has done P90x, AND Crossfit for 2 months with zero improvement (just a whole lot of hurting). I needed to find something...because I think we can all admit we are better people when exercise is a part of our lives---and this was one thing I have found that is easy for moms! Thought I would share :)

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