Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clueless Mom: Who am I

Perusing the $1 isle at Target today (one of my favorite places to feel legit spending $$).  Feeling like I hit the jackpot, because I had already found a) a teal shoe organizer for baby and b) Cute flower magnets. I scan the toy section with low expectation, when-what do I see--an ELMO book for $1!
"ELMO!!!" I scream as I reach down to pick up this treasure.
As I squat there, grasping this elmo book, it occurs to me I am in a public place. I look up at the adults around me and there are like four women in the aisle with me, staring at me.
 "....It's for my son" I say, a feeble attempt at legitamizing....legitamizing....

They must have thought I was insane. Who, above the age of 5, gets excited about Elmo? What is happening to me???

Oh well.
Guess I'm one of those crazies.

Sharing touched my heart....maybe I'm just sentimental lately. Almost brings a tear. Once I find time--I plan to paint it on a canvas for the playroom. My son is just so worth it all.

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